Extract Active Directory group membership details

The steps below should help you extract the Group Membership details from Active directory using saved queries.

Note that It requires DN (distinguished Name) name of a group to extract the members details.

1.     Open ADSIEdit.msc and locate the group.

2.     View the properties of the group to reveal the distinguishedName attribute value and copy to the clipboard.

Next, open DSA.msc ( Active directory users and computers)

1.     Right-Click saved queries and select a new query and define a name for your query \”EX: Account members\”.

2.     Select define query and  then Select Users, Contacts, and Groups from the Find: drop-down list.

3.     Go to Advanced tab and click the user Member Of with the condition of is (exactly)\”, paste the group\’s distinguishedName into the field and click Add.

4.     Click OK and then refresh the query by pressing F5 to retrieve the details.